Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Possibly the BEST thing about Making Videos

I received an email over my birthday weekend, from a mother in North Carolina, that reads: "My son Bennett, who is 7 years old, has been smitten by all of your videos and projects. He gathered all of the materials by himself to make the heart yarn and followed your directions by pausing the YouTube video every few seconds. I have a picture of his work that I'd love to email to you, just to say thank you for inspiring him and fueling his love of art, handcraft and math!"
Aww! It was seriously one of the best birthday gifts I ever got. I am so glad that my video assisted little Bennett's self-directed education in some way. And a few weeks ago, a teacher told me that she "put it together late last night and took it in to school today. Everyone oohed and aahed over. Happy Valentine's Day!"
This is becoming my favourite thing about making videos: bringing people together for a bit of fun and learningIf you created anything from watching my videos, please please please send them to me at justina@fiberlab.ca! I'd love to see them! 

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