Saturday, 30 March 2013

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Oh yes, everything is going swimmingly!

We've all heard it before. It's not easy being an entrepreneur. You know, you have to be able to wear all kinds of different "hats". Nicholas Tart counted 23 figurative hats here. But really, I just want to wear a pretty, literal one like this.
While it's probably not a smart idea to admit this, I will say that there are days when I think about giving it all up. First, I would think about going back to work as an engineer. The ease that comes with financial stability is very desirable. Then I would daydream about going back to school. Perhaps an architecture degree? All the new knowledge and skills will surely inspire me to come up with amazing designs, right? Anyway. For me, the most difficult hat may be the marketing one. Sometimes I find it hard to blog and self-promote while knowing that doubt and insecurity often cross my mind. Can you be convinced to buy into a brand that doesn't always seem sunny and successful?

On second thought, forget what I just wrote. I love everything about my job, and everything is super! Now, please go visit my online store and shop. Thanks a bunch!

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Bubble Engineering, Continued

I have been taking woodworking class at a local community center. Four weeks in, and I am 2/3 way to finishing my first ever (tiny) bench. This class makes me realize just how heavy "real" wood feels, and to NEVER again complain about how IKEA furniture is difficult to assemble. I thank you, IKEA! But most importantly, I love all the different, handmade jigs available to help you perform specific tasks more efficiently and accurately on the machines. Totally inspired: with simple material from Home Depot, I devised and hand made a jig to help me score crease lines. Oh, and I also laser-cut a special scoring guide for my Bubbles. Mmm... Laser! High tech meets low tech.