Friday, 5 July 2013

Hold Taiwan in Your Hands

For the entire month of July, I have the pleasure of displaying some of my work at the Taiwanese Canadian Cultural Society. My mother helped me set up the exhibit a few days ago, and today we celebrated the official opening by inviting people to enjoy this wonderful space with us. By the way, my father won the "Most Dedicated" award by travelling all the way from Taiwan to show support!
 Somethings new, somethings old. And do gallery spotlights make everything look better? Yes, definitely.
As do nice little white frames.
We also held a workshop to show people how to make a mini and simple version of the Taiwan map. 
So pleasantly surprised by everyone's eager and diligent participation.
These boys were very proud of what they made!
 I love this photo.
 This tiny one opted to match the red heart (partially covered by her little fingers) to her outfit - totally adorable and a future fashionista.

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