Friday, 31 May 2013

NEW at Fiber Lab!

I had been working hard on a new concept these past few weeks. This time, I am really hoping for a fabulous design that is fast to make (preferably mass-produce-able at some point in the future), easy to package, and cheap to ship. Not that I never kept those important criteria in mind before, but nothing is ever perfect. And we all keep trying.

That brings us to this hybrid of adorable crinkle fans and sophisticated maps. Meet Pancake, a collapsible wall decoration. Just spread it open and it's literally a yummy dessert for your wall. 
Some things I like about living in the United States, in no particular order of importance: USPS, Pandora, streaming TV shows, and Flour Bakery in Boston. PS it was not that warm this morning in Vancouver. As per usual, minus the rain. 

Each line radiates from the centroid of the contiguous United States, near Lebanon, Kansas. (Sorry, Alaska and islands.) This means that when you hold the map up by a string through the centroid, the map can perfectly balance itself. Here is a fun fact: apparently in 1918, the Coast and Geodetic Survey found the geographic center of the U.S. using this method as well: "by balancing on a point a cardboard cutout shaped like the U.S." Love it. Must have been a fun project!

I also made this map of Taiwan. In addition to being where I was born and grew up until age 15, it just has the perfect little convex shape that screams, "Pick me!" So, I did. Which country or what shape should I design for next? Please let me know! I will be making a list. 
Some things I remember about living in Taiwan: getting delicious street food on my way home from school with my friends, riding bicycle all day long at my grandparents' during the hot summer vacations, playing with fireworks, night markets, and lots of studying.

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