Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Something Sweet

It's almost that time of year again. Yup, you feel it everywhere you go:  chocolates in pink, heart-shaped boxes and red roses are out in full force. And everyone is Googling to find the most memorable and creative gifts. We'd like to help! How about making a mini cake for your favorite crafty/artistic person? Tip: you can hide small presents underneath for extra surprise!
Fiber Lab mini cake / gift box DIY

1 used packaging tape core (recycle!)
1 small sheet of cardboard / chipboard
1 scissor
1 pencil
1 white glue
1 double-sided tape
1 leftover tissue paper 
Serving: one special someone
(1) Put used packaging tape core on cardboard and trace the outer diameter with pencil. Cut out the cardboard circle. Create a "lid" by gluing the cardboard circle on top of the packaging tape core. Wait until the glue dries. (2) Cut out tissue paper strips. It's easier if you cut along the short end while the tissue paper is still folded. (3) Use double-sided tape to attach the strips while creating a ruffled effect. Cover the entire surface. You can decorate your mini cake however you like! I've created a mini cake stand by putting a larger piece of circle on top of an inverted Anthropologie bowl

Now, go ahead and create something sweet!

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