Wednesday 3 October 2012

Are you feeling crafty?

How about making your own Fiber Lab bracelets? I think they would also be cute as Christmas tree ornaments, gift tags, and napkin holders. Or make it bigger and wear it like a crown? The possibilities are endless! Explore and see where your creativity brings you! What will you do? 
It's easy and fun, I promise!

You can also follow the step-by-step version below.
1. Print out the template and instruction on letter size cardstock with no scaling. Here is the template without instruction, if you've got this.
 2. Follow the grey line and cut out the bracelet strip.
 3. Score all creases with the dull side of the blade. This makes it much easier to fold.
 4. Fold the strip in half along the long axis.
 5. Starting at the end marked by (grey dot), bend the ends up like this, creating the first set of "valley" folds.
 6. Make the next set of "mountain" folds. In this photo, I am pushing down and squeezing the grey-dot end with my right hand, and squeezing the rest of the strip to maintain the V shape with my left hand.
 7. Make the next set of "valley" folds. I find it easier to flip the strip over and push down the centerline with the index finger, while squeezing the strip with the thumb and middle finger.
 8. Flip the strip over again, and make the next set of "mountain" folds with the same technique.
 9. Repeat until all the folds are made. The strip should begin to curve as you go along.
10. Almost there!
 11. Now you just need to glue the ends together. See instruction for detail.
 12. While the glue dries, admire how immensely useful these tiny clips are. And adorable. Or just use your trusty fingers to press down.
13. A little crown. PS it also folds flat, try pushing it down with your palm.


  1. Hi- I would LOVE to make this but it seems the pdf templates are expired. Any chance you could post again?! Thanks so much!